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The Immortals of Meluha - Amish Tripathi

Started with Book One - the Immortals of Meluha.  After the first few pages I was more like - what is the big deal about this book!  You have got a Shiva that smokes grass!  All of Shiva's crew, the Ganas that act like a bunch of nomads.  Add to it they also want to become migrant workers,  like people after a H1B or Tier 1 visa!  The Meluhans act like some kind of super beings that keep the migrating Ganas in quarantine thoroughly annoyed me - do we not have enough of this treatment in the modern world.  But wading through the rest of the novel, set around five thousand years ago, I could easily draw parallels between the evils in Shiva's world thousands of years back and the modern world that we live in.  I was completely hooked.  I have now read all the three books in the series.  It helps to have a working knowledge of Indian mythology and history, but the twists and turns can still be enjoyed by someone who is not that familiar with Hindu myths.  Loved reading!